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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Racecourse Time Race Distance Horse Results
BALLARAT (AUS) 14:00 maiden
Ahtohallan (AUS)
3  F  Frosted (USA) / Honey Bunch (AUS) (Not A Single Doubt (AUS))
Breeder: Bowness Stud
Owner: Ms A Clarke, Ms J Wardeiner & Ms R Forrest
Trainer: James Wardeiner
14:00 maiden
Romany Rocks (AUS)
3  F  Astern (AUS) / Romany Flyer (AUS) (Catbird (AUS))
Breeder: Mr AD Mitchell
Owner: S W Wilde, M C Scown, Mrs S F Scown, C C Scown, Mrs D P Scown, D J Trevethan, S G Lamond, M J Taylor, A Tran, S J Marks, D J Pill, J R Irvine, D P Fagan, D J Williams, A Wright, Gawn Wilde Racing (Mgr: M Bennett), Bell View Park Stud (Mgr: A P Mackrell) &
Trainer: Symon Wilde
14:00 maiden
Riverina Cyclone (AUS)
3  F  Frosted (USA) / Plus Jamais (AUS) (Redoute's Choice (AUS))
Breeder: Quat Quatta Thoroughbreds
Owner: Carringbush Park (Mgr: M Laurie), Quat Quatta Thoroughbreds (Mgr: I R Mandie) & Trumpeedos (Mgr: E Fanning)
Trainer: M W Laurie
15:00 maiden
Speed Lover (AUS)
3  F  Street Boss (USA) / Amelia's Love (AUS) (Blackfriars (AUS))
Breeder: Amelia Park Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd
Owner: P V Walsh, J B Biasin, B W O'Byrne, Jigsay No 8 (Mgr G E Mason), W J Beament, P W Matera, K H Yelverton, S A Cadzow, C Jellis, Mrs S Breen, P G Robinson, P A Clarke, Best And Fairest 3 (Mgr: M A Shepherdson) & Hexad (Mgr: K R Baker)
Trainer: T & C McEvoy
BELMONT PARK (USA) 13:09 MSW 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/16M
Brew Pub (USA)
3  G  Street Sense (USA) / Wonder Brew (Giant's Causeway)
Breeder: Joe Anzalone
Owner: Arenas, Marcelo
Trainer: M Arenas
15:15 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/8M
Journeyman (USA)
5  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Tout Charmant (Slewvescent)
Breeder: Godolphin
Owner: Flying P Stable
Trainer: T Morley
15:49 MSW 2 yo Open
1 1/16M
Urban Forest (USA)
2  C  Hard Spun (USA) / Arbol (Elusive Quality)
Breeder: Godolphin
Owner: Godolphin, LLC
Trainer: W Mott
15:49 MSW 2 yo Open
1 1/16M
Vodka Mardini (USA)
2  C  Bernardini (USA) / Hot City Girl (City Zip)
Breeder: Lady Sheila Stable LLC
Owner: Lady Sheila Stable
Trainer: S Asmussen
16:21 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/16M
Croatian (USA)
6  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Red Barchetta (Seeking the Gold)
Breeder: Nancy S. Dillman
Owner: Final Turn Racing Stable, LLC
Trainer: B Lucas
CRISTAL (BRZ) 17:05 conditions
Kindly (BRZ)
5  F  Midshipman (USA) / Mirabile Visu (BRZ) (Tiger Heart (USA))
Breeder: Haras Springfield
Owner: Coudelaria San Paolo
Trainer: H. P. Machado
DELAWARE PARK (USA) 13:45 SOC 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
Baci (USA)
5  M  Midshipman (USA) / Hot Chile Soup (Alphabet Soup)
Breeder: Dream Walkin Farms, Inc.
Owner: Robert M. Gorham, Jr.
Trainer: M Gorham
14:15 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
Jenn's the Boss (USA)
4  F  Street Boss (USA) / Jeannie S (Sky Mesa)
Breeder: Carlos Rafael
Owner: Charles L. Biggs
Trainer: C Lynch
GATTON (AUS) 14:45 handicap
Cairndow (AUS)
7  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Intierra (NZ) (Zabeel (NZ))
Breeder: Mrs JM Anderson-Bell
Owner: N J B Anderson
Trainer: B J Lockwood
15:57 Maiden
Burgundy Rules (AUS)
4  G  Street Boss (USA) / Chablis (AUS) (Redoute's Choice (AUS))
Breeder: Lachlan River Bloodstock
Owner: M N O'Sullivan, Ms T R Ranger, Miss S Ranger, B J Young & V Lawder
Trainer: Tenille Ranger
GERALDTON (AUS) 17:25 handicap
Galaxy Blaze (AUS)
10  G  Bernardini (USA) / Lady Ashford (AUS) (Royal Academy (USA))
Breeder: Peters Investments Pty Ltd
Owner: Mrs J C Martin & S W Martin
Trainer: Ms J Martin
GULFSTREAM PARK (USA) 14:58 MCL 2 yo F (fillies)
5 1/2F
Bravo Zulu (USA)
2  F  Midshipman (USA) / Merryvale (Bertrando)
Breeder: Four Horsemen's Ranch
Owner: Four Horsemen's Ranch Inc.
Trainer: G Lee
16:34 MCL 3 yo's & up Open
Mindship Q (USA)
3  G  Midshipman (USA) / Silentlea (Cherokee Run)
Breeder: Michael J. Wood, Dr. Paul Barrett & Lisa Barrett
Owner: Luis Quercia
Trainer: G Amaya
HIPODROMO CHILE (CHI) 14:49 handicap
Peperoni (CHI)
4  C  Midshipman (USA) / Pinuecas (CHI) (Stuka (USA))
Breeder: Haras Don Alberto
Owner: Placilla
Trainer: Wilfredo Mancilla D.
HOLLYWOOD CASINO AT CHARLES TOWN RACES (USA) 10:17 MCL 3, 4, 5 & 6 yo's F & M (fillies and mares)
Peachy Between Us (USA)
4  F  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Peaches (Candy Ride (ARG))
Breeder: Mark Brown Grier
Owner: Long Valley Stables, LLC (Rick Buckley)
Trainer: R Buckley
INDIANA GRAND RACE COURSE (USA) 15:56 MCL 3 yo's & up Open
5 1/2F
Shipshape (USA)
3  G  Midshipman (USA) / Do Not Disturb (Maria's Mon)
Breeder: R. Gorham & Mast Thoroughbreds LLC
Owner: Mast Thoroughbreds, LLC (Henry Mast)
Trainer: R Gorham
16:27 MCL 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 mile
Dime Cuando (USA)
4  F  Hard Spun (USA) / Rcuandry (A.P. Indy)
Breeder: Keene Ridge Racing, LLC
Owner: Ken Pullen
Trainer: A Love, Sr.
18:00 MSW 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 1/16M
Lil Kings Princess (USA)
3  F  Street Boss (USA) / Huxley Winner (Stephen Got Even)
Breeder: Barbara Lundbeck
Owner: Barbara Lundbeck, Robert Durbin and Portage Racing, LLC (Joe Morris)
Trainer: J Ortiz
KEENELAND (USA) 13:00 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/16M
Campioni (USA)
7  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Juanita (Mineshaft)
Breeder: Aaron & Marie Jones
Owner: Craig Glander
Trainer: P Miller
13:32 MSW 2 yo F (fillies)
6 1/2F
Frosted Diamond (USA)
2  F  Frosted (USA) / Diva's Diamond (Crafty Shaw)
Breeder: Jerry Namy
Owner: Jerry Namy
Trainer: P Sims
14:36 ALW 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
5 1/2F
Miner's Queen (USA)
3  F  Bernardini (USA) / Queen's Award (Medaglia d'Oro)
Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. Al Mazzetti & Mr. & Mrs. Ed Orr
Owner: Ed and Susie Orr
Trainer: S Asmussen
14:36 ALW 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
5 1/2F
Street of Dreams (USA)
4  F  Street Sense (USA) / Breaking Promises (Broken Vow)
Breeder: New Cal Stable
Owner: Lothenbach Stables, Inc. (Bob Lothenbach)
Trainer: I Wilkes
15:40 STR 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/16M
Royal Tryst (USA)
3  C  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Belle Watling (Pulpit)
Breeder: Summer Wind Equine LLC
Owner: Three Chimneys Farm (Goncalo B. Torrealba), Fern Circle Stables (Paul Fireman), C & H Diamond Racing, LLC (Greg Back and Al Larose) and Summer Wind Farm (Jane Lyon)
Trainer: K McPeek
16:44 ALW 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
5 1/2F
Latte Dolce (USA)
3  F  Nyquist (USA) / Mother's Milk (Silver Deputy)
Breeder: Johnson, Galvin & Flounders
Owner: Big Show Racing (Jeff Prunzik)
Trainer: E Heitzmann
LAUREL PARK (USA) 12:40 MSW 2 yo F (fillies)
5 1/2F
Unbridled Irish (USA)
2  F  Astern (AUS) / Go Unbridled (Unbridled Jet)
Breeder: Robert Roderick Porter
Owner: Marblehead Farm
Trainer: C Kolb
16:28 SOC 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/16M
Contraflow (USA)
4  G  Street Sense (USA) / Swap Fliparoo (Exchange Rate)
Breeder: My Meadowview, LLC
Owner: Kieron Magee
Trainer: K Magee
17:00 WMC 3, 4, & 5 yo's Open
5 1/2F
Chauffeur (USA)
4  G  Street Sense (USA) / Get Set Go (More Than Ready)
Breeder: Robert T. Manfuso
Owner: Kenneth Taylor et al
Trainer: J Salzman, Sr.
17:00 WMC 3, 4, & 5 yo's Open
5 1/2F
Mighty Tough (USA)
4  G  Hard Spun (USA) / Katerbug (Pulpit)
Breeder: G. Watts Humphrey Jr.
Owner: Sea Gull Capital
Trainer: T Hills
NAGOYA (JPN) set weight
Kotobuki Hound (JPN)
6  C  Hard Spun (USA) / Cheers Hikari (JPN) (Mayano Top Gun (JPN))
Breeder: Paca Paca Farm
OVREVOLL (NOR) 19:05 conditions
We Got the Boss (USA)
5  C  Street Boss (USA) / We Got a Lemon (USA) (Lemon Drop Kid (USA))
Breeder: Keene Ridge Racing, LLC (KY)
Trainer: A Hansen
20:20 conditions
Red Valley (USA)
4  G  Street Boss (USA) / Dixieland Bride (USA) (Dixieland Band (USA))
Breeder: James Franklin Miller
Owner: Knut O. Arnesen
Trainer: K Arnesen
PRESQUE ISLE DOWNS (USA) 16:45 MSW 3 yo's & up Open
1M 70Y
Alpha Predator (CAN)
3  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Stylish Spirit (Elusive Quality)
Breeder: Fred W. Hertrich lll
Owner: Blazing Meadows Farm, LLC and Frederick Hertrich, III
Trainer: T Hamm
18:00 MCL 3 yo's & up Open
1M 70Y
Hard Timer (USA)
3  G  Hard Spun (USA) / Madame Giry (Castledale (IRE))
Breeder: Calumet Farm
Owner: Debra E. Kachel
Trainer: R Hendriks
18:50 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
1 1/4M
Orazio (CAN)
4  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Precision Farming (Smart Strike)
Breeder: Anderson Farms Ont. Inc.
Owner: Shagbark Farm, LLC
Trainer: R Walsh
19:15 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
1M 70Y
Gold Czar (USA)
4  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Pleasant Review (Pleasant Tap)
Breeder: Edward A. Seltzer, Beverly Anderson & Krista Seltzer
Owner: Turks Head Turf
Trainer: A Gonzalez
19:40 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
6 1/2F
Grounded (USA)
3  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Home Rule (Empire Maker)
Breeder: Fred W. Hertrich lll & John D. Fielding
Owner: Blazing Meadows Farm, LLC and Frederick Hertrich, III
Trainer: T Hamm
19:40 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
6 1/2F
Likeable (USA)
3  G  Frosted (USA) / Dashing Debby (Medaglia d'Oro)
Breeder: Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC
Owner: Jamen Davidovich
Trainer: K Cheeks
20:05 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
6 1/2F
O Cigano (USA)
3  G  Hard Spun (USA) / Shanghai Beauty (Munnings)
Breeder: Nathan John McCauley & Godolphin
Owner: Four Pillars Holdings, LLC
Trainer: C Caramori
WOODBINE (CAN) 12:55 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
7 1/2F
Strike the Top (USA)
4  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Strike Softly (Smart Strike)
Breeder: Sam-Son Farm
Owner: Apple Of Your Eye, LLC
Trainer: W Tharrenos
13:55 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 1/16M
Slydini (USA)
5  M  Bernardini (USA) / Third Chance (Kafwain)
Breeder: Ron Magers & Robert Marcocchio
Owner: Scott Sorrell and Jamrock Stable
Trainer: C Brooks
15:33 OCL 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 mile
Dictate (USA)
4  F  Hard Spun (USA) / Rainbow Dreams (Empire Maker)
Breeder: G. Watts Humphrey Jr.
Owner: Dale Desruisseaux and Peter DiSalvo
Trainer: D Desruisseaux