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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Racecourse Time Race Distance Horse Results
ARIZONA DOWNS (USA) 17:18 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
Hail On Hoofs (USA)
4  F  Street Boss (USA) / Comedy Girl (Comic Strip)
Breeder: H & E Ranch
Owner: D. Chadwick Calvert
Trainer: S Rollins
ASSINIBOIA DOWNS (CAN) 10:35 WCL 3 yo's & up Open
Doghouse (USA)
3  G  Street Boss (USA) / Don't Tell Jackie (Girolamo)
Breeder: Erik Johnson
Owner: Wind Dancer Stable
Trainer: W Anderson
21:35 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
Eviscerator (USA)
6  G  Street Boss (USA) / Icing On the Cake (Nobiz Like Shobiz)
Breeder: Elizabeth Jones Valando
Owner: Mike Powers
Trainer: J Gourneau
CANTERBURY PARK (USA) 17:40 WMC 3 yo's & up Open
Roaring Sailor (USA)
3  G  Midshipman (USA) / Lion Cub (Lion Heart)
Breeder: Richard Bremer & Cheryl Sprick
Owner: Lothenbach Stables, Inc. (Bob Lothenbach)
Trainer: J Berndt
19:40 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
1 mile
Oil Colony (USA)
4  G  Bernardini (USA) / Dattts Awesome (Awesome Again)
Breeder: Coteau Grove Farms, LLC
Owner: Rick Tappe
Trainer: H Lawrence
FAIR MEADOWS (USA) 18:29 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
5 1/2F
Major Shipman (USA)
5  G  Midshipman (USA) / Cato Major (E Dubai)
Breeder: Michael R. Whitelaw
Owner: Helton, R. J. and Pasquali, James J.
Trainer: J Pasquali
FORT ERIE (CAN) 17:48 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
Dynamic Force (CAN)
5  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Murani (Distorted Humor)
Breeder: Josham Farms Limited
Owner: Leah Ann Ouellette
Trainer: C Jolin
18:44 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
1 mile
Zoological (USA)
4  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Remarkable Remy (Hennessy)
Breeder: Betz, CoCo, Magers, Burns, J. Betz, Camaquiki, Lamantia
Owner: Louie M. Capi
Trainer: L Capi
19:12 Sprint Into Summer Cup S. 3 yo's & up Open
Red Mercury (CAN)
4  C  Street Boss (USA) / Shukriya (Grand Reward)
Breeder: Josham Farms Limited & Yvonne Schwabe Thoroughbreds
Owner: MPB Stables
Trainer: P Lepiane
19:12 Sprint Into Summer Cup S. 3 yo's & up Open
Thy Kingdom (USA)
4  G  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Our Eponene (Not For Love)
Breeder: HomePride Farm, Hayden Noriega, Don Ameche III & Cory Williams
Owner: Donald Ellison and George Newland
Trainer: G Newland
19:40 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
Lucky Street (CAN)
5  G  Street Sense (USA) / Preach It (Saint Ballado)
Breeder: William D. Graham
Owner: Unknown Owner
Trainer: S Ceccato
20:08 Summer Solstice Cup S. 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
Who's Who Inthezoo (CAN)
3  F  Animal Kingdom (USA) / Gypsy Princess (Unbridled's Song)
Breeder: Adena Springs
Owner: Jeff Voyce
Trainer: J Voyce
GAVEA (BRZ) 17:30 conditions
Unbridled Ana (BRZ)
4  F  Midshipman (USA) / Analu (BRZ) (Roi Normand (USA))
Breeder: Haras Santa Tereza Do Bom Retiro
Owner: Zecão
Trainer: J. F. Reis
20:00 conditions
Valdés (BRZ)
4  C  Midshipman (USA) / Mais Que Perfeita (BRZ) (Miesque's Son (USA))
Breeder: Haras Llc,
Owner: Haras Rio Iguassu
Trainer: V. Nahid
HASTINGS RACECOURSE (CAN) 18:24 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
6 1/2F
Fly Away (CAN)
4  F  Street Boss (USA) / Fly to the Stars (Giant's Causeway)
Breeder: Bryan Anderson & Carol Anderson
Owner: Carol Anderson
Trainer: B Heads
INDIANA GRAND RACE COURSE (USA) 17:00 AOC 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 mile
Spartanka (USA)
4  F  Street Sense (USA) / Kind Words (A.P. Indy)
Breeder: Godolphin
Owner: La Nora, LLC (Silvestre Blousson)
Trainer: I Correas, IV
18:02 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
Good One (USA)
4  G  Street Sense (USA) / Good Deed (Broken Vow)
Breeder: Bert Klein & Richard Klein
Owner: Steve H. Lewis and Southwest Racing Stables, Inc. (Genaro Garcia)
Trainer: G Garcia
18:33 MSW 3 yo's & up Open
Shipshape (USA)
3  G  Midshipman (USA) / Do Not Disturb (Maria's Mon)
Breeder: R. Gorham & Mast Thoroughbreds LLC
Owner: Mast Thoroughbreds, LLC (Henry Mast)
Trainer: R Gorham
LOUISIANA DOWNS (USA) 16:55 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
7 1/2F
Breezy Bee (USA)
6  M  Street Sense (USA) / Graser (IRE) (Motivator (GB))
Breeder: The Elkstone Group LLC
Owner: End Zone Athletics, Inc. (Karl Broberg and Matt Johanson)
Trainer: K Broberg
16:55 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
7 1/2F
Limage (USA)
5  M  Street Sense (USA) / La Hague (FR) (Zieten)
Breeder: Don Alberto Corporation
Owner: Maggie Camejo
Trainer: J Camejo
MONTERRICO (PER) 14:25 maiden
Mr Hendrix (PER)
4  C  Hard Spun (USA) / Mo's Teresa (USA) (Momentum (USA))
Breeder: Los Azahares
Owner: Aurora
Trainer: G. Cueva
1M 70Y
Derby Model (USA)
3  G  Bernardini (USA) / Prissy (Unbridled's Song)
Breeder: Kenneth L. Ramsey & Sarah K. Ramsey
Owner: Rumba Caliente Stable (Alexis Navarro)
Trainer: O Londono, Jr.
19:00 MSW 3 yo's & up Open
1M 70Y
Whiskyforbreakfast (USA)
4  G  Street Sense (USA) / Tango Time (IRE) (Danehill Dancer (IRE))
Breeder: Town and Country Horse Farms, LLC & George Saufley
Owner: Team Ramgeet Racing Stable LLC ( Tina Ramgeet )
Trainer: T Ramgeet
20:15 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
Shipmans Magic (USA)
6  M  Midshipman (USA) / Magic Box (Elusive Quality)
Breeder: SJT Racing Stables LLC
Owner: Sammy's Racing Stable (Sal Perito)
Trainer: D Blankenship
21:55 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
1 mile
Plate It Up (USA)
4  G  Midshipman (USA) / Ms. Pickford (Fairbanks)
Breeder: Joe Cowles & Emily Cowles
Owner: N & N Stables (Neftali Galarza)
Trainer: C Inirio
PARX RACING (USA) 13:22 SOC 3 yo's & up Open
1M 70Y
Baringer Spring (USA)
5  G  Street Boss (USA) / Tash Dash (Coronado's Quest)
Breeder: New Phoenix Racing, LLC
Owner: Caveat Stables LLC
Trainer: P Farro
13:49 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
6 1/2F
Fried Rice King (USA)
4  G  Bernardini (USA) / Super Espresso (Medaglia d'Oro)
Breeder: B. Flay Thoroughbreds
Owner: Forgotten Man Racing, Inc.
Trainer: J McCaslin
15:10 AOC 3 yo's & up Open
6 1/2F
Sail At Sunrise (USA)
4  C  Midshipman (USA) / Sunrise Lily (Mutakddim)
Breeder: L. Riley Mangum
Owner: L. Riley Mangum
Trainer: G Preciado
17:25 MCL 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
1 1/16M
Pegasus in Flight (USA)
4  F  Midshipman (USA) / Merry's Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus)
Breeder: Pewter Stable
Owner: Pewter Stable and Renzo A. Bontempo
Trainer: K Demasi
PENN NATIONAL (USA) 19:22 CLM 3 yo's & up Open
Old Faithful (USA)
7  G  Hard Spun (USA) / Grand Pauline (Two Punch)
Breeder: Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC
Owner: Mason Dixon Stable
Trainer: T Kreiser
SCONE (AUS) 15:05 handicap
Berruti (AUS)
4  G  Medaglia d'Oro (USA) / Listen Here (AUS) (Elusive Quality (USA))
Breeder: Cressfield Thoroughbreds
Owner: Cressfield (Mgr: Mr. B W Neill)
Trainer: K A Lees
THISTLEDOWN (USA) 12:50 CLM 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
5 1/2F
Dream Fever (USA)
6  M  Midshipman (USA) / Forest Patch (Forestry)
Breeder: Rob Auerbach & Douglas Arnold
Owner: Frank Lacca
Trainer: O Londono, Jr.
16:20 MCL 3 yo's & up F & M (fillies and mares)
5 1/2F
Cins Boss (USA)
5  M  Street Boss (USA) / Cinnamon Lee (Rock Slide)
Breeder: Glenda Lee Wishon
Owner: Sharen Hunter
Trainer: R Zielinski